Article About Siyum

An Outreach Sefer Torah for an Outreach Rabbi by Shoshanna Silcove

CJC- February 10, 2011

Canadian Jewish News compiles a report of the Siyum Sefer Torah Dedication Ceremony in Melbourne Australia honouring the life of Rabbi Leib Kramer.

Hamodia, January 20, 2011

Article in Hamodia Australia written by Shoshanna Silcove on the historic Siyum Sefer Torah

1962 – the Lubavitch Yeshiva

“The forthcoming dedication of the new edifice to house the Rabbinical College of Canada is a noteworthy event.”

Canadian Jewish Chronicle – 1955

“The pessimists of the early days are now convinced that there is nothing incompatible between Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch and Canadian Jewry”

Anouncement in CJC

Invitation for the historic Dedication Ceremony of the new Lubavitch Yeshiva building in the Canadian Jewish Chronicle, 1962