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From Malca Sand Drazin

What I remember most vividly about Rabbi Leib Kramer is that he had a most special, warm relationship with my dear parents, Bertha and Mayer Sand – literally being part of our family.

Whenever there was a Simcha or sadness, my parents would call Rabbi Kramer for advice, comfort and also to express their contentment when a Simcha took place!  He was ALWAYS there for us!

When my widowed dear mother-in-law Gertrude Drazin was alive, each yarzeit for her dear husband Sam Drazin a Siyum  took place at Young Israel Synagogue.  At the completion of the evening, Rabbi Leib Kramer and dear Rebbetzin Clara Kramer  would come to the Drazin home for tea,  irregardless of the very cold weather and pick up all the family Lubavitch pishkes for the year!

Foremost in my mind was the special closeness, warmth, respect and partnership that your wonderful, dear mother, had for your father!

May his neshama have an aliyah!

He is sorely missed!


Malca Sand Drazin