Recent Letters

From Edith Horlick Kendall

I was secretary during the early years when the Yeshiva was on Park Avenue.  Every day Rabbi Kramer would go out into the community to raise the moneys to support the Yeshiva.  It was very taxing and some people gave him a hard time.  It was a new concept to them to have a Yeshiva like this in Montreal.  However, he never gave up and worked so hard every day to build up the Yeshiva.  He worried constantly about the teachers being paid on time, and there was lots of pressure.   Although he worried, he was optimistic and never got discouraged.

At work, Rabbi Kramer would dictate letters to me and as I typed them  I would make it a point of correcting the odd word when necessary.  Surprisingly his English was quite good considering that he was foreign born and had been in Canada only a few years, yet he always very much appreciated the small corrections I made.

Rabbi Kramer always cared about the staff and always treated us with respect.  During a difficult period in my life, he was most supportive.

During the ten years that I worked there the Yeshiva developed and became such a wonderful Yeshiva catering to the needs of the community.

I must mention this episode.  Years after I worked at the Yeshiva,  when my son Akiva  was  of school age I enrolled him at the Yeshiva.   As we were leaving, Rabbi Kramer was just entering the building and I explained to him the purpose of my visit.  Well, he had a smile from ear to ear.

– Mrs. Edith Horlick Kendall