Zeidy’s Influence Lives On

Picture1 Following several years of construction, the Crown Condos – my father-in-law’s beautiful new building project – was finally completed. He was then faced with the massive task of selling all the condominiums, close to one hundred in all.

Initially the task proved somewhat difficult, and each sale was considered a major accomplishment.

Mr G wanted to buy one of the condos to accommodate him and his family during the month of Tishrei, following which he would rent it out for the rest of the year. He had been in sporadic contact with one of my father-in-law’s salespersons at the time, but no agreement had been reached.

My husband Chaim became increasingly involved in the project, and he focused on the task of following up with any people who had expressed initial interest. At one point he contacted Mr. G, who told him that he was no longer interested in buying a condo. As Chaim is prone to do, he took a couple of minutes to chat and quickly discovered that Mr G was originally from Montreal. So of course, Chaim asked him the next standard question: have you heard of Rabbi Kramer?

Well, so far we have never asked that question and been answered in the negative! And Mr G was no exception. Of course he had heard of Rabbi Kramer. Not only had he heard of him, but Zeidy had taken care of and helped his father on many occasions. His father had even stayed in Bobby and Zeidy’s house for an extended period of time when he had nowhere else to go.

Mr G was so excited when he discovered that Chaim is married to Rabbi Kramer’s grand-daughter that on the spot he changed his mind about the condo and decided to buy it. He explained that if Chaim is married to Rabbi Kramer’s grand-daughter, that is a good enough reason for him to buy.

A few weeks ago we had Mr G and his son at our Shabbos table. Mr G told us how much he and his family had enjoyed staying in the condo over Tishrei and he is very happy with the young couple who rented it as soon as he left.

It’s always special to hear about Zeidy from total strangers who have such wonderful things to say about him, but in this case it was even more special. Mr G is happy with his condo and Chaim is happy with his sale, and it’s all because of Zeidy!