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From Molly Ratner

My name is Molly Hutman Ratner … It was Morah Malca when I taught kindergarten at the Yeshiva on Westbury. I’m a Hutman and part of the Dalfen, Sand, Litwin, Lehrer and Tennenhaus extended family.

I would just like to add my comment that Rabbi Kramer was our family’s best friend and wisest advisor. Rabbi Kramer was an honorary and dearly loved member of our large family. He and his beautiful Rebbitzen, shetichyeh, had a place of honor at all our family gatherings… and I imagine it all started close to the time Rabbi Kramer arrived in Montreal, because I have a nice old photo of many members of our family at their sheva brochos in 1947. I happened to be in Teverya recently, and passed the Chabad Center there and froze in my steps when I read the name – Rabbi Leib Kramer – it really sent chills up my spine….

Rabbi Kramer had a strong influence on all of us and will always be remembered with love and respect and admiration. Rabbi Kramer, A”H is a legend in our family.

Best Regards,
Molly Ratner

Let me tell you who is in this wonderful picture, taken at the Sheva Brochos of the wedding of Rabbi and Mrs. Kramer.


From the front to the back on the left side of the table: Aunty Bertha A”H and Uncle Meyer Sand A”H, Uncle Isaac A”H and Aunty Sarah Dalfen A”H, Aunty Dinah, shetichyeh, and Uncle Morris Dalfen, A”H, Aunty Celia, A”H.

At the head of the table: Hilda Dalfen Gerchicoff , A”H and her mom, Mary Dalfen, A”H.

And continuing now from back to front on the right side of the table: Shirley and Dr Zvi Pomerantz, Mrs Greenberg, A”H and her husband A”H. Peeking out: Aunty Sarah’s parents, My Bubba, Toba Devora Dalfen, A”H. My mother, Clara Hutman, A”H, and Shanie Sand, A”H.

The 4 men standing facing front are (L to R): Uncle Joe Dalfen A”H (Celia’s husband), Arnie Dalfen, Sheyichyeh, Mary’s son David Tennenhaus, my cousin A”H, Heshie Fisher A”H, a dear friend. In front of Heshie, sitting are my cousin Moishe Tennenhaus, A”H and his dad in the homburg, Srul Tennenhaus A”H.

And the lady standing on that side is my Aunty Regina Litwin, who must have come in for the occasion because she lived in the Maritimes…. We and my uncles lived in the Maritimes too but we also had homes in Montreal so the kids could go to Jewish schools. My father, A”H, is not in the picture because he was probably in Edmundston, NB.