Recent Letters

From Barbara Zukor

This project is so beautiful and so well deserved…. My history with Rabbi Leib Kramer, ZT”L, is very long. It begins in Val Morin (in the Laurentian Mountains where Rabbi Kramer would go for the week-end) believe it or not, over 40 years ago. This was a time, unfortunately, when I had lost my mother and, 5 years later, my dad. My sister and brother-in-law had a country house right behind ours. This was on 16th Avenue and the shul was only a few avenues away. As you can imagine, putting together a minyan in those days was not so simple. People from the shul would come around about a half hour before maariv to collect and coax the men to come.

I remember the respect and admiration everyone had for Rabbi Kramer, ZT”L.It was as if by going to shul they became holier and everyone wanted to say that they personally knew your father. This is how famous he was and what a good a name he had…. As a matter of fact he got through to the most unlikely people.

I personally had the good fortune to be able to deal with Rabbi Kramer in my adult life on other issues as well. In this forum I got to see how wordly he was and how he understood very wordly matters.

When my husband lost his beloved father, Rabbi Kramer called him over to his home because he had heard how hard my husband had taken this loss. He tried to help and console him. Rabbi Kramer was a total inspiration and I can never forget him.


Barbara Zukor